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Learn how to organize and manage different events

Learn how to organize and manage a variety of small events, including sports, entertainment, festivals and corporate activities. Participants will learn the importance of managing schedules and budgets, and a variety of communication techniques vital to a successful event.

Learn how to:

  • Brainstorm creative events and themes

  • Plan event logistics

  • Prepare and manage schedules

  • Prepare and manage budgets

  • Manage schedule and budget deviations

  • Manage a team of internal employees and external suppliers

  • Obtain regulatory approvals, if necessary

  • Write an event plan

  • ·Prepare communication materials to promote your event and to develop proposals for promotional partners and sponsors

  • Manage meetings

  • Market the event

  • Manage ticket sales and confirmations

  • Evaluate the event for future planning

Contact us to learn more about schedules, locations and prices.

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