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Master the key fundamentals of human resources.

Learn the basics of human resource management. In these courses, you will learn how to attract, develop and manage excellent employees to increase productivity within a company. The benefits of excellent human resource management include low turnover, high productivity, effective teamwork and strong morale.


Contact us to get information on the following courses:​

  • Defining work and writing a job description

  • Building better teams

  • Creativity in the workplace

  • Successfully manage change

  • Employee recognition: Appreciating your workforce

  • Orientation handbook: Getting employees off to a good start

  • Onboarding: The essential rules for a successful onboarding program

  • Conflict resolution: Getting along in the workplace

  • Conducting effective performance reviews

  • Stress management

  • Basics of payroll management

  • Problem solving and decision making

Contact us to get detailed course information and pricing options.

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These eight hour courses can be delivered in two four-hour sessions or four two-hour sessions.  


We use one of the most advanced online learning platforms
in the industry

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