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Learn the key principles of marketing to guide your product development and marketing tactics.

These courses focus on the strategic planning necessary to succeed in marketing. The focus is on understanding consumer needs and wants, and developing products and services with a competitive advantage. Developing a compelling brand is a key aspect of this training.

Call to ask about the following marketing courses:

  • How to develop a compelling brand

  • Identifying primary and secondary target markets

  • Understanding consumer behaviour

  • The importance of differentiation to gain a competitive advantage

  • Front line vs Online Marketing

  • How to use marketing research to gather relevant information and discover consumer insights

  • How to price your product or service to maximize profitability

  • How to define objectives for your marketing tactics

  • How to properly brief and manage your marketing suppliers

  • Budget setting and budget control

  • How to write a Marketing Plan

Contact us to get detailed course information and pricing options.

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These eight hour courses can be delivered in two four-hour sessions or four two-hour sessions.  


We use one of the most advanced online learning platforms
in the industry

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